What the World Needs Now with Troy Millette & Ethan Dezotelle is a free-wheeling podcast hosted by two guys with beards who decided there was just enough room for one more podcast hosted by two guys with beards.


Each episode features casual conversation between the hosts and occasional guests, built around a piece of culture that Troy or Ethan thinks is good for the world. That’s just the beginning of each show, though, and where it goes from there, no one can say.


Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, sometimes irreverent, always entertaining.

Episode Two: Two Dude-Bro's Bro-ing Out!

It's Episode Two of What the World Needs Now Podcast!

Troy and Ethan recap how they're keeping themselves busy at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, talk about a trash OJ Simpson move, praise musician (and What the World Needs Now Podcast producer) Andy James Patterson, and, in a very meta moment, talk about other podcasts.

Conversation starters include: TV movie memories, Chick-Fil-A moral crisis, quality hot dogs, and Adele Dazeem.

Man, what we were thinking?

Episode One: Hello, My Name is Quarantined!

Oh, what a world.

Without further adieu, welcome to Episode One of the What The World Needs Now Podcast. Just over a month ago, we decided to dive into this creative venture in which we each bring a piece of popular culture to the table (literally, Ethan’s kitchen table) and talk, like we do best, about anything and everything sparked by that content.

Well, we recorded an episode. In fact, we recorded two episodes. Then the world changed. With COVID-19 concerns raising to new heights every day, we ultimately decided it would be irresponsible to release our first bit of content into a world that is so vastly different than the one in which it was recorded.

So we went back to zero. We found quiet, separate spaces, and we did what we do: we talked.

We cannot wait to be back in the same room together, but until then at least we still have each other.... glitchy, robot-voiced versions of one another.

Welcome to What the World Needs Now Podcast with Troy Millette & Ethan Dezotelle.