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Benefiting Northwestern Counseling and Support Services' School-Based Autism Program.

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More About the School-Based Autism Program

The School-Based Autism Program assists local community schools in providing effective, strengths based interventions and programming for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Genetic Disorders and/or Down syndrome. The program supports schools, students, and their families by providing a trained Behavior Interventionist to work one-on-one with identified children, with Behavior Analysts and Autism Specialists developing all behavior programming and providing supervision and ongoing training. Additionally, Behavior Analysts and Autism Specialists provide support to many schools through a consultative model. The program tenets are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), along with other evidence based practices to assure teams and students are provided with the treatment and support they need. School teams refer students to this program and the cost is supported by Medicaid and special education funds.

Typical students in this program have behavioral, social, communication, academic and/or daily living challenges. We believe that students, regardless of their abilities, belong in their local community schools. With access to individualized services and supports, students can be successful while gaining an appropriate education in a local setting conducive to developing and maintaining essential peer and community relationships. Our services are student centered where the child and ongoing collected data drive programmatic decisions. Programming is flexible and can be individually tailored to meet each child and school's unique needs and also work to build public schools' capacities with students needing higher level supports. We utilize a team based approach to assure all school services are implemented, and provide a full wrap-around of services for that student.

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